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Wholesale pricing is available for card orders of 24 or more.  The in-cart price adjusts to the wholesale rate of $2.00 per card when this minimum is reached.  Cards may be mixed and matched to reach the minimum.



All wholesale orders have free shipping



100% buyback for any reason!  Anytime that you're placing a re-order, let us know which cards you would like to return and which cards you would like to replace them with.  We'll add the replacement cards and ship them with your new order. If you decide you no longer wish to carry our cards, ship them back to us for a full refund.


We do not require that you use our displays.  If you want to add our cards to your own existing display, that's fine with us. Let us know if there's any way that we can help you with signage.

If you do need a display, we have several different display options to choose from and they are all made in the U.S. 

If you want a display for zero dollars, we can send you any display with your first minimum order of 100 or more cards.  It will be branded with our company name and logo. The only thing we ask is that you only use our cards to fill it.  Add the name of the spinner that will best fit your needs to the comments section at checkout and we'll be happy to ship it to you.

You can find our displays on the bottom of the navigation bar or you can click through on the links below to open them in a separate window.

Countertop Displays

Wall Displays

Floor Displays



We work with a variety of wholesale customers - floral shops, gift shops, grocery stores, pet stores, specialty gift chains, and large distribution centers.  With such a diverse customer base, we have found that different packaging options work better for different environments.  For those that prefer to have their cards individually packaged in sleeves, we will wrap them however best suits your needs.  Let us know what works best for your business and we'll be happy to accommodate.

Packaging Options:

A. Stuffed Inside - Each greeting card is packaged inside the envelope with no part of the card visible. We add a thermal sticker with the card name and UPC.


B. Full View - The greeting card is wrapped around the envelope, leaving the front and back exposed. This leaves the original UPC visible for scanning.


C. Partially Tucked - The back of the greeting card is tucked in to the envelope flap while the front remains on top of the flap. This keeps the front of the card visible and a thermal sticker is placed on the back with the card name and UPC. 


D. Fully Tucked - The greeting card is fully tucked under the envelope flap leaving the original UPC visible for scanning.